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Sexuality education, counseling and consultation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those that support them.


To provide sexuality education and counseling services to people with IDD and those who support them, in order to help people lead healthy and happy social-sexual lives. 

Founder and CEO Kat Pheysey has fifteen years experience supporting people with IDD and a passion for bridging the gaps between inclusivity and sexuality services for this population.


Kat Pheysey, Founder & CEO

PhD, LMSW, MEd (she/her/hers)


Do you want to know more about sex and sexuality? Everyone has the right to receive sexuality education that is factual, accurate and tailored to meet their specific needs and learning styles. Individual and Group classes are available. All offered virtually. Click the link above to learn more.


Are you feeling confused, having issues with your relationships, or just want someone to talk to more about sex and sexuality? If so, sexuality counseling sessions might be for you! Individual, Group and Relationship Counseling sessions are available. Click the link above to learn more.

Image by Evangeline Shaw

Do you support people in your agency/school/practice who are questioning their sexuality, experiencing challenges regarding their sexuality or lacking sexuality information? Do you want to offer more or different sexuality services but don’t know where to start? Click the link above to learn more.

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