Individual counseling sessions allow you a space to talk openly and freely about any and all aspects of your sexuality, from sexual orientation to relationship troubles and anything in between.


Individual counseling sessions can help you address specific areas of sexuality that are causing you concern or distress. Work will be done to identify your areas of needs and strengths and we can work together to formulate a plan of action to help you feel more comfortable with your sexuality.

Group Sexuality



Group counseling sessions provide a space to talk with others about sexuality in an open environment. Learning from others and discovering that you are not alone with your thoughts and experiences can help people feel more comfortable and confident about their sexuality. No topic is off the table.


The group will decide topics for discussion in the first session. Groups will be closed (new members cannot join once a group has begun) to enhance group member comfort with one another.




Relationship counseling provides people in a relationship the space to learn how to better communicate with one another. People learn to express their wants and needs as well as learn to listen to and better understand their partner(s).


Relationship counseling can help with addressing specific issues within a relationship including jealousy or infidelity as well as provide a mediator to facilitate conversations that can seem challenging.